Our mission, our vision

We believe that in the next 30 years, Artificial Intelligence will be deployed everywhere: housing, transport, health, companies, all sectors, all organizations will be impacted.

For companies and organizations that will be able to use it, the benefits will be multiple and the competitive advantages and chances of survival will be multiplied. For the others, the gap to be closed with the competition will widen rapidly until it becomes unreachable.

Currently, the obstacles to the deployment of AI are mainly human: lack of people trained to create and maintain models, lack of understanding and trust of employees.

We believe that in addition to the training and change management aspects, the complexity of current tools hinders the understanding and democratization of AI.

Since 2016, Datakeen has been developing a platform accessible to all non-expert data collaborators to remove these obstacles and enable the deployment of AI within their organization.

We make AI accessible to as many people as possible, calling for its rapid and serene use and demystifying unrealistic fears.


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