We only improve and manage well what we measure.
While the monitoring of performance indicators is largely rooted in managerial practices, the use of data as a productivity driver is still poorly understood. Why? Because data is an abstract notion, synonymous with imperceptible promises but yet an eldorado of the new economy. In concrete terms, data is information. 0s and 1s that allow you to learn more about products, customers, suppliers, competitors, production and quality know-how, company capital if it is knowledge, money in the form of scriptural money, evidence in the form of photos and videos.   So how do you create value from your data capital? Artificial intelligence feeds on this data to transform it: into decision support, process acceleration, work and exchange simplification.   So, for you, leaders and managers, several avenues of reflection:
  • How could I increase my top line through better knowledge of customers, increase customer acquisition but also employee acquisition?
  • How to build customer loyalty by providing a high quality user experience?
  • How can I better recruit and manage my scarce resources?
  • How to optimize production and reduce costs by using artificial intelligence to get to know better?
  • How to benefit from continuous improvement, measurable operational excellence, and all this thanks to the implementation of many indicators?

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