Information extraction




Every day, many companies receive hundreds or even thousands of digitised documents (invoices, administrative documents, contracts, RIBs, identity cards, etc.). It is then necessary for an employee to search for interesting / relevant information within the document. It is a very long and tedious mission and requires a lot of resources. Errors, whether in transcription or transposition, can also occur in their work, with more or less serious consequences for the company.


The challenge is to automate this task to shorten the processing time of received documents. In the case of an insurance company that receives daily bank statements from its customers to make refunds, the automatic extraction of all the fields saves valuable time in the process. This improves customer service and allows employees to perform more challenging tasks.

The accuracy of artificial intelligence models also makes it possible to drastically reduce the number of errors and avoid a certain number of inconveniences for companies.


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Datakeen offers to use artificial intelligence to automate the extraction of information in your documents.

Thus, Datakeen can help you extract information from your documents and structure them.

it will help you save time, increase your productivity and avoid mistakes!


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