Health and life sciences


The health sector relies on billions of data, some of which have not yet been exploited because of regulatory barriers, outdated information systems and data analysis tools used. Yet they hold the promise of substantial improvements in the major diseases of our time.


Laboratoire, Analyse, Chimie, Recherche, Chimiste, Ph D



Artificial intelligence allows many advances in the fields of health and pharmacy and in particular for:

  • diagnosis: in particular through the interpretation and use of medical imaging
  • therapy: recommendation of drugs, follow-up of treatments, robot-assistant
  • the management of health systems and care over time: post-operative follow-up, risk reduction, cost forecasting

All medical disciplines are concerned: oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, diabetes treatment, cardiology, ENT…



Datakeen provides the healthcare sector with an intuitive, robust and secure platform that allows teams to use the power of AI to support healthcare.


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