• Datakeen is a platform that allows you to create and deploy predictive learning (or artificial intelligence) models on digital data, text, images, sound and video.
  • The platform has a set of technological components: connector to your databases, data cleaning, image and document annotation and routing, visualization and reporting, classifier, model comparison and optimization, workflow and audit trail, production deployment and model monitoring.

Yes, the Datakeen platform:

  • Will help you to structure your knowledge base and data projects
  • Embeds best practices in data science such as data preprocessing, hyperparameter optimization, time series processing
  • Manages the versions of the different open source packages (and avoids compatibility problems, updates, dependencies that generate costs and bugs. Datakeen does this administration for you and saves you precious time, the update of the packages being preceded by a battery of tests
  • Allows you to collaborate with business users easily, thanks to intuitive interfaces that are understandable by non-experts
  • Keep the content and code produced by your team on the same platform, thus promoting the capitalization of resources, sharing, knowledge transfer and avoiding loss in the event of a collaborator’s departure
  • Enable thousands of users to consume a data application in a scalable way
  • Manages the roles and rights of each employee and allows only the necessary data to be shared. All actions on the platform are logged, which simplifies the life of your DPO.
  • Allows production to begin in one click. This saves a heavy handover step between the datascience team and the devops team, which very often generates large round trips about dependencies not available in production or even a complete redesign of the script so that it can run in an integrated way in production.
  • Allows model tracking to monitor and alert administrators of performance decreases.
  • Yes, all our interfaces have been designed to make artificial intelligence accessible to data novices.
  • Thanks to Datakeen, you will be able to find the answer to your business questions in a few clicks, such as:
    • How many customers will I have tomorrow ?
    • Which customer should I contact first ?
    • Should this item be produced again or should it be stopped ?
    • How can I automate this data extraction and entry task?

Yes, thanks to the click and code function, you have the possibility to create your own models independently or to integrate your python code with Datakeen.

They will then be able to benefit from the multiple contributions of Datakeen: versioning, optimization, workflow, deployment, updating.

Datakeen can ingest flat files or connect to all your data sources, either on databases or via APIs.

Datakeen can ingest the data and process it in real time.

During our first exchanges, we identify a priority use case. We then carry out data diagnosis from your data sources. Once the project is launched, it is carried out by our teams in record time thanks to our proprietary agile methodology.

A project lasts between 1 and 3 months. On each project, one or more data scientists and a customer success manager are involved.

At the end of the project, you will have a model ready for production, easily integrated into your IT, visualization screens if necessary and Studio Datakeen.

We are a software publisher whose software our customers purchase licenses.

The price depends on the number of users, the infrastructure and the complexity of the project

Data is stored in OVH’s data centers in Gravelines, Scaleway in Vitry or Amazon in Paris. These data centers are in France and comply with security, network and customer isolation standards.

  • pci-DSS (2017)
  • ISO 27001 (2017)
  • HDS (2017)
  • ISO 50001 (2014)
  • Tiers III design by the Uptime Institute (2014)

Datakeen can be installed on your servers. In this case, the application is containerized and deployable on Linux machines with Debian or Ubuntu distributions. It will soon be possible to connect Datakeen to your company’s SSO to control your employees’ access.

In SaaS, data flows are secured and encrypted using the TLS protocol.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a data encryption tool. TLS is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication between web browsers and Datakeen servers.

Each client has its own server.

For greater security, data can be anonymized and in some cases it is possible that no data is stored and only the result of data processing is returned.

Datakeen encrypts each model stored on the platform, we talk about server-side encryption. Datakeen uses one of the most powerful block encryption systems available, the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to encrypt data.

Yes, the platform is scalable on large amounts of data. It relies on Kubernetes for this.

SaaS customers are constantly benefiting from the latest version of Datakeen.
On Premise customers can decide to update their version by downloading a package with each update.

Yes, we are constantly looking for new talents to join the adventure, mainly in technical and business positions! Our offers are updated on Jobteaser.com and soon on Welcome to the Jungle.

You can also send us applications from people in your network and be rewarded with gift vouchers worth €500 if you are hired.

  • We support you in the implementation of the project
  • We are an ultra intuitive platform, accessible to the business and not only to data scientists
  • Our proprietary R&D
  • We are accessible on the web or on your servers, on all devices: desktop, mobile, tablet
  • We have many connectors available

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