Datakeen edits an Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Platform.

A 100% integrated solution

The platform includes many modules facilitating the use of Artificial Intelligence within your company in a 100% integrated way:

  • Ready-to-use models requiring only 10 to 100 examples of your data to fit
  • Control and role management interfaces
  • A workflow engine allowing you to create approval and validation processes for different departments of your company
  • APIs allowing frequent calls to predictive models and easy integration into your Information System

Cutting-edge learning models

Our learning models are developed and perfected within our R&D team and we are constantly striving to beat the state of the art. They include sub-components from different key areas of Machine Learning:

  • Natural language processing
  • Object and people recognition (anonymized)
  • Reinforcement learning

An intuitive and adaptive platform

Our platform is extremely adaptive and includes many standard screens allowing us to adapt our interfaces to your needs in record time:

  • White label platform with your brand and graphic charter
  • Interfaces specific to your teams or your processes
  • Integrations with your tools and notifications sent to your teams via Mail or SMS

The right deployment for your needs

We deploy our platform according to your needs in SaaS, On Premises or Hybrid:

  • SaaS: the platform is deployed on our servers in Europe, we take care of everything!
  • On Premises: the platform is deployed on your infrastructure: datacenter or private cloud, you administer
  • Hybrid: our interfaces are hosted on our servers but the data remains on your infrastructure

Explainable AI

You stay in control at all times thanks to our explainable models and predictions:

  • Confidence degrees are given for each prediction
  • The choices of the models are explained in dedicated interfaces
  • Numerous tests are carried out to ensure the performance of the models over time and during version upgrades

Do you want to benefit from the incredible benefits and productivity gains that AI brings to your business?

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